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Hands-on SHAFE: Testing of the first half of learning modules

Hands-on SHAFE first round of LTTA

“Very needed”, “take care of diversity”, “use short sentences” and “make it visual”, were among the comments received from partners and Irish guests at the “Dublin” meeting of Hands on SHAFE which was held virtually. 

On 22-24 June, the Hands-on SHAFE project partners met to share their elaborated learning modules with each other. This learning is also intended to prepare and disseminate SHAFE and associated learning content in multiplier events in Autumn of this year. 

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Hands-on SHAFE Newsletter #1

HoS Newsletter #1

First newsletter of the Hands-on SHAFE Erasmus+ project to inform you about the progress of the project and the results we have already produced.

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Factsheet "European findings on SHAFE" released!

Factsheet on SHAFE

The factsheet "European findings on SHAFE" presents an overview of the current situation on SHAFE in Europe. It presents infographics with the key facts and figures on SHAFE in France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and The Netherlands. It also presents the challenges and associated measures that have been identified as a result of the research activity in Hands on SHAFE and provides the needed training measures and the content of the future SHAFE curriculums.

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European Synthesis Report on Hands-on SHAFE released!

European Synthesis Report on Hands-on SHAFE released

The key findings from France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and The Netherlands on Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) are being brought together in this freshly released European Synthesis Report. The report focuses on the most relevant facts and figures with the aim to arrive at recommendations for contents and methods for training packages from a European comparative perspective.

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Explore Good Practices on SHAFE in Europe

HoS IO1 European Compendium of Good Practices on SHAFE

Good practices on SMART, HEALTHY, BUILT environments in Europe and BUSINESS are available in the European Compendium of Good Practices on SHAFE.

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