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HoS Persona Antonio

António 33

António lives with his girlfriend in a modern apartment in an urban area.

He is a journalist and is currently working from home. He has many friends and a caring girlfriend but his family members live 300 km away.

He has some health concerns and has been meaning to make some changes in his lifestyle, namely in his eating habits.

The COVID-19 took a toll on his routine and he has been spending most of his days at home.

António is interested in starting a new project or activity to meet new people and stay connected. He would also like to give back to his community. He is a wheelchair user.

How could you help António improve his lifestyle?

What is important to António?

  • Cutting-edge technology
  • His job and travelling
  • His personal style
  • Participating in the community
  • Environmental sustainability

What are the obstacles in his daily life?

  • He has diabetes and high blood pressure and has difficulties when talking about his health situations and needs
  • He has been eating unbalanced and irregular meals

Take a pick between the following modules!

Keeping Up With A Healthy Lifestyle

António eats at odd hours and has been eating a lot of sugar. The COVID-19 pandemic impacted his mental health and had him stress eating. He has diabetes and high blood pressure, so he would like to improve is diet. António can learn more about eating well on the module Lifestyle and Therapy (HEALTHY 02)! And so can you! Take a sneak peek at the module and go on with your learning!

Smart Home

António and his girlfriend just bought a house, a modern apartment in an urban area. António loves technology and is always up to date with smart creative strategies to implement in his home, whether it is a smart led lighting controller or a Motion Activated Bed Light LED Strip. He could learn more about Smart homes features in the modules Introduction to Remote Controlled Switch Sockets and Introduction to Home Security Locks​! Are you also interested in this topic? Give it a go!

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