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According to European Union’s studies, the ageing population is going to increase significantly over the next twenty years. These demographic alterations of our society have already started to raise modern challenges that require new solutions.

SHAFE oriented products and services, just like social initiatives, are part of the solutions that could make our society more age-friendly.

The successful implementation of tomorrow’s products and services in SMART, HEALTHY and/or BUILT will be ensured by those who engage in BUSINESS initiatives.

The BUSINESS training package aims to support these entrepreneurs by giving them the appropriate tools to start and develop their project in the best possible conditions.


BUSINESS 01: The Stages Of Business Creation​

In this module you will get an overview of all the steps involved in starting a business. You will learn the meaning of each step and its interdependence with the other steps.

BUSINESS 02: Human-Business Coherence

In this module, you will learn why the key element of creating a business is coherence. You will learn to assess how much your motivations, skills and needs are coherent with what a SHAFE business requires.

BUSINESS 03: Clarification Of The Idea

You have just evaluated your Human-Company Coherence and you wish to go further in the development of your company project. This training unit is for you. You will learn why and how to make your idea clearer and better organised. This is the starting point for your business development.

BUSINESS 04: Market study

This module explains what a market study is, why a market study is an important part of the business development process and how to conduct it. Forget the idea that a market study is about manipulating tons of data and statistics. In fact, a market study just involves observing and analysing your environment, no more, so let’s start together.

BUSINESS 05: Business model and strategy

This module aims to help you work on the economic model and the strategy of your future business.

BUSINESS 06: Financial forecasts

This module aims to help you create your own financial forecasts.

BUSINESS 07: Business plan

Now, it’s time to present your business project to various partners. The business plan aims to help you to present your project in a few minutes in a clear and concise way.

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