Health + Smart Technology + Age-friendly environments = SHAFE

The aim of SHAFE interventions is to facilitate healthy, independent living and social inclusion.

What is SHAFE?

Learn about how SHAFE approaches can help you, your family, or your community

Hands-on SHAFE aims to deliver informal learning experiences and hands-on tools to implement SMART and HEALTHY BUILT environments

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Learning about SHAFE approaches could be the next step towards starting your own business

Courses are free for you to complete at your own pace

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SHAFE and BUSINESS learning experiences

Hands-on SHAFE is a project that aims to deliver informal learning experiences and hands-on tools to implement SMART and HEALTHY BUILT environments or to develop BUSINESS in this area.

All this will be made available publicly and for free upon registration. Registration on the site will also be for free.

What is Shafe?

Last News and Events

European Synthesis Report on Hands-on SHAFE released!


The key findings from France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and The Netherlands on Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) are being brought together in this freshly released European Synthesis Report. The report focuses on the most relevant facts and figures with the aim to arrive at recommendations for contents and methods for training packages from a European comparative perspective.

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National reports on SHAFE available


Information gathered from desk research and interviews on SHAFE products and measures in the partner countries: France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and The Netherlands

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Explore Good Practices on SHAFE in Europe


Good practices on SMART, HEALTHY, BUILT environments in Europe and BUSINESS are available in the European Compendium of Good Practices on SHAFE.

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Upcoming: National reports on SHAFE


What is the state of the art of Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, Portugal and Ireland? At the moment the national reports on SHAFE are being finalized and will soon be published on this website.

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