Health + Smart Technology + Age-friendly environments = SHAFE

The aim of SHAFE interventions is to facilitate healthy, independent living and social inclusion.

What is SHAFE?

Learn about how SHAFE approaches can help you, your family, or your community

Hands-on SHAFE aims to deliver informal learning experiences and hands-on tools to implement SMART and HEALTHY BUILT environments

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Learning about SHAFE approaches could be the next step towards starting your own business

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SHAFE and BUSINESS learning experiences

Hands-on SHAFE is a project that aims to deliver informal learning experiences and hands-on tools to implement SMART and HEALTHY BUILT environments or to develop BUSINESS in this area.

All this is made available publicly and for free.

Persons supported by Hands-on SHAFE facilitators

In the scheme below, six characters are identified. They are based in the so-called personas used within other European research projects, such as Blueprint, PHArA-ON and GrowMeUp and adapted to Hands-on-SHAFE. Their main issues have been indicated and linked to the relevant learning modules and experience:

If you want to learn more about these personas you are invited to go to the MEET section.

Last News and Events

Have you seen our new learning materials for those who support ageing-in-place?

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Hands-on SHAFE project outcomes presentation: A highlight at the International Conference LEARNING AND IMPLEMENTING SOCIAL INNOVATION

By Javier Ganzarain , AFEdemy With more than 150 international participants the Conference took place in Coimbra, Portugal, from the 8 th to the 9 th of November 2022. In this frame, the... Read more

Dutch Inspirational Tool Living Environments for Older Adults

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Hands-on SHAFE Newsletter #4

Introduction Welcome to the fourth and final Newsletter of the Hands-on SHAFE Erasmus+ project. The project that started in 2019 already ends, and we are happy to inform you about the concrete... Read more

International Conference: Learning and Implementing Social Innovation

By Javier Ganzarain , AFEdemy, Academy on Age-Friendly Environments in Europe B. V. On November 8th and 9th, we will talk about Smart Healthy Age-friendly Environments and Social Innovation in... Read more

Hands-on SHAFE Newsletter #3

Introduction Welcome to the third Newsletter of the Hands-on SHAFE Erasmus+ project! We are happy to inform you about the progress of the project and the results we have already produced. If you have... Read more

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