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Tom 70

Tom is a 70-year-old man with light cognitive and physical disabilities, specifically in motor tasks, such as maintaining balance and staying for a long time standing.

He lives with his wife in an apartment block close to a care home and he is supported by their home care services (meal delivery service).

He has a 17-year-old grandson. His neighbour is a taxi driver, and he helps him in and out of the building when he has difficulties with mobility.

Tom used to work for an IT company, so he is used to keeping in touch with his family through online calls and messaging in family groups.

Like his grandfather, Tom’s grandson wants to work in an IT-related business. Noticing and experiencing his grandfather’s mobility restrictions, he wants to work in a business that focuses on smart, digital and modern housekeeping solutions.

One of his concerns is that Tom falls during the day or even at night and that he doesn't have any support at that time.

How could you help Tom improve his lifestyle?

What is important to Tom?

  • His computer is very important to him: he pays his bills online, regularly checks his emails, and generally prefers online shopping.
  • He goes to church every week and has a stamp collection.
  • He likes to travel to places that are pleasant and safe and this would help him to connect more with others and stop thinking only of his conditions.
  • He wants to feel more physically active and reduce the risk of falling during the day/night.
  • He wants to feel secure in his house, with less obstacles.

What are the obstacles in his daily life?

  • He and his wife are tired of housecleaning and doing their daily chores around the house. They would like to use their time differently.
  • His relationship with care professionals is a bit difficult. He has some trouble understanding health terms and definitions.


Housekeeping Management

Tom and his wife are unable to do the housework and Tom is becoming more frustrated about cleaning up by himself. There are a few changes he can make in his house to help with this concern. Would you like to know more? Head over to the module Mobility Inside (BUILT 06)! Or perhaps there’s a possible business opportunity for Tom’s grandson in the future. Go over to the module The Stages of Business Creation (BUSINESS 01) and learn more about starting a business! If you are further interested to learn more about what is important to start a business, then check out the following modules: Human-Business Coherence (BUSINESS 02), Clarification Of The Idea (BUSINESS 03), Market research (BUSINESS 04), Business model and strategy (BUSINESS 05) and Financial forecasts (BUSINESS 06).

Community Life

He has nobody to talk to when his wife is away. That happens when she goes on trips with her old schoolmates. Tom enjoys his time alone, but would also like to experience something similar and in a group setting. More ideas about group activities are available in the modules Basic Information on Health and Well-being (HEALTHY 01), Lifestyle and Therapy (HEALTHY 02) and Mobility Outside (BUILT 07)!

Keeping Up With A Healthy Lifestyle

Tom’s diet is an issue. He eats in a disorganised way, based on self-made diets that make him lose muscle. He requires better-personalised diets combined with a fresh grocery delivery service to help him and his wife shift towards a healthy diet. Find out more about how to keep a healthy diet in the module Lifestyle and Therapy (HEALTHY 02)! Tom and his wife would like to request a fresh food delivery service. They could benefit from the new business plan from Nikos.

Keep Moving

Tom’s exercise routine is poor, and his muscle wasting is making his balance worse. He needs personalised prescriptions and an increase in his physical activity. Go to the module Lifestyle and Therapy (HEALTHY 02) and Physical and Sensory Impairment (HEALTHY 04) and learn more about exercise routines and different options to keep you on the move, including techniques and strategies on how to cope with physical disabilities and how to slow or prevent their development.

And while you are there, you can also learn more about understanding health terms and definitions and support Tom on his next doctor’s appointment. More on fall prevention in the modules Age-friendly homes (BUILT 02) and Mobility Inside (BUILT 06)!

Digital Literacy

Tom likes to travel to nice and safe places. Learning how to use Maps on his digital or smart devices could help him choose the right places to travel safely to. Learn more about Calendars, Maps and Alarms in the module SMART 05. There are also smart solutions for Tom’s daily challenges at home that could make his everyday life a little less difficult. Check out the modules Introduction to Home Security Locks (SMART 07) and Introduction to Remote Controlled Switch Sockets (SMART 08) to get yourself a look at some possible solutions.

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