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Hands-on SHAFE is a project that aims to deliver informal learning experiences and hands-on tools for facilitators, such as volunteers, caregivers and relatives, to implement SMART and HEALTHY BUILT environments in their own communities or to develop BUSINESS on SHAFE products and services. The state of the art in SHAFE products and services in the project partner countries form the basis on which the research-based training packages are built.

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All learning experiences and hands-on tools are publicly and freely available.

To explore the content of the packages, click on SMART, HEALTHYBUILTBUSINESS, or GENERAL:

Besides the Hands-on SHAFE learning modules, you can play the BIG game.
BIG-game is an interactive online serious game in which you will meet the Mayor of BIG City. She asks you to support her and the citizens of BIG City to become happy. During the game, you will meet Ewa and João, Waldemar and Barbara, Dennis, Peter and Anna. They are confronted with several daily life issues and will ask for your help on many occasions. Find the right answers, play the minigames, score coins and go to the Kiosk to buy additional goods. Make the people of BIG City smile again.

Hands-on SHAFE is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, Key Action 204 Adult Education programme.

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