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Nikos 50

Nikos lives independently with his wife and runs his own shop in a small village. They work together at the shop and are currently coping with financial stress.

He has diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and does not feel empowered to manage his conditions.

He cannot afford to pay for professional help and would welcome educational programmes and other types of care and support if they are affordable.

Nikos would like to be able to lead a healthy lifestyle without having to give up his work. His wife suggested that he look for possibilities to implement a new form of business into his store, helping older people in the neighbourhood. An employee could be hired to help with the transportation of food or with certain tasks at home. Nikos is informing himself about starting a new business.

How could you help Nikos and others in his condition?

What is important to Nikos?

  • Being active and able to run his business
  • Reducing the burden of his chronic disease management
  • Spending time with family & friends
  • Enjoying his free time

What are the obstacles in his daily life?

  • He has non-routine work, which makes it difficult for him to follow his medication and lead a healthy lifestyle (exercise, food) properly
  • He cannot afford to pay for professional support


Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments

Are you new to the concept of SHAFE? Head over to the module SHAFE and ME (GENERAL 01) to learn more about Smart Healthy and Age-Friendly Environments!

Nikos should also learn how he can communicate effectively with his intended clients. Have a look at the module Communication And Presentation Techniques (GENERAL 02), about how to do that.

Mobility Outside

Nikos would like to easily access specialised health care services, which are currently only available in the capital of the region he lives in. Do you want to learn more about mobility and age-friendly services?
Head over to the modules Mobility Outside (BUILT 07) and Age-Friendly services (BUILT 04)!

Lifestyle and Therapy

Nikos is having trouble managing his health conditions (diabetes, abdominal obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). He would like to lead a healthy lifestyle without having to give up his work. Learn more about this in the modules Lifestyle and Therapy (HEALTHY 02) and Chronic Diseases (HEALTHY 03! Also, check out the module on Wearable Technology (SMART 06) to get to know how you can use technology to check your body condition.

A link to the community

He lives with his wife. He owns the grocery store in the neighbourhood where Cornelia lives (get to know more about Cornelia here). Since Cornelia’s granddaughter went to college, she relies on Nikos and his wife to provide support for some periods of the day and also for the preparation of some meals. But they feel the need to learn more about older people, and to better understand how to contribute for a more connected community. Nikos would like to know more to help others and himself. Let’s do this with him? Check the modules Lifestyle and Therapy (HEALTHY 02), Basic Information on Health and Well-being (HEALTHY 01) and Communication and Presentation Techniques (GENERAL 02)​!

Being active

Nikos requires a comprehensive approach for adopting new activities related to successfully managing his conditions. He also needs an affordable way to consult health and care as well as healthy lifestyle professionals. Furthermore, the local municipality offers basic healthy lifestyle and exercise programs and his friends support them in leading a healthy lifestyle. Do you want to know more about these topics? Hop into the modules Basic Information on Health and Well-being (HEALTHY 01), Lifestyle and Therapy (HEALTHY 02) and Chronic Diseases (HEALTHY 03) to find out more about these topics!

A new business idea
A new business idea

Starting a new business integrated into his store, helping older people with transportation of groceries, by hiring an employee, Nikos is checking possible business strategies. He is also making a business plan to check if it is possible for him to facilitate this idea. Nikos wants to further optimize the shopping experience for his older customers hoping that he can benefit from that too. He is informing himself in order to make his store more age-friendly by focussing on design, equipment and a specific stock selection. If you want to learn more about all these aspects look up the following modules: Business model and strategy (BUSINESS 05), Business plan (BUSINESS 07), and Age-friendly services (BUILT 04).

Hands-on Training

Nikos would welcome educational programmes on healthy ageing and other types of help and support as long as they are affordable. Well, Nikos has come to the right place!  You and Nikos can learn more about health, well-being, built environments, mobile technology and “Smart home” technology. Are you in? Take a look at different modules on SMART, HEALTHY, BUILT, BUSINESS and GENERAL! Become a facilitator in your community, ready, set, go!

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