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Public deliverables


Hands-on SHAFE will deliver the following publicly accessible results.

Comprehensive study to bridge existing knowledge gaps between partners on smart healthy age-friendly environments topics and to prepare the training packages.

Basic version

Four interrelated training packages on ICT, housing and public spaces, health and wellbeing and starting a smart healthy age-friendly business.

Online training courses of above-mentioned training packages, manual for stakeholders and hands-on tools, such as chat boxes, self-assessment questionnaires and interactive design and feedback on a creation

Basic version

Two short term training events to prepare the trainers to use all training packages in the future and to present these during the multiplier events to people with low-skills or low-qualifications.

Basic version

Twelve national multiplier events in six countries, dedicated to low-skilled or low-qualified adults and other interested persons.

Basic version

One international multiplier event in close relation with existing European network to further disseminate the results

Basic version

Hands-on SHAFE is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, Key Action 204 Adult Education programme.

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