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Once you already visited the personas and modules under MEET and LEARN, you have the possibility to confirm your learned knowledge and get a Hands-on SHAFE certificate on different levels. Depending on your use of Hands-on SHAFE, you now have two options to generate a certificate, please select the one you are interested in by clicking on the corresponding image below:





This process is designed for learners who independently want to test their Hands-on SHAFE knowledge. You can take many different tests on several levels! Give it a try and take up the challenge!

  This process is designed for trainers and facilitators who offer targeted learning opportunities using the Hands-on SHAFE materials. By clicking on the image, you will get access to a template of participation certificates that you can hand out to attendees in a workshop situation.


learner certificate

Once you have completed the learning modules of the various SHAFE areas, you can put your knowledge to the test!

You will find three different levels of quizzes depending on your level of knowledge and the certificate you plan to achieve.

For each of the 4 Hands-on SHAFE areas, you can accomplish a BASIC level and a more advanced PROFESSIONAL level certificate, which are addressed to casual learners and professional learners, respectively.

Additionally, there is the level of FACILITATOR, which compiles the knowledge achieved in all 4 areas. The successful completion of this final level indicates a good overall knowledge of SHAFE.

The certification serves to reflect and consolidate the contents learned. In addition, the possibility of receiving a certificate can contribute to increased motivation in the execution of the modules in different learning environments. Be aware that the Hands-on SHAFE certificates are not official documents, but rather personal proofs of competence to independently check your knowledge.

Now take up the challenge and receive your Hands-on SHAFE certificate!

The process is very simple and can be started below this introduction:

  1. First select the level. Either casual learner, professional learner, or facilitator.
  2. Then select the type of certificate. There is one certificate for each of the SHAFE learning areas in the case of the casual and professional learner profiles. When choosing facilitator as level, there is only one certificate, that combines the knowledge of all the areas of Hands-on SHAFE.
  3. Finally, upon successful completion you can get your Hands-on SHAFE Learner Certificate and save it.


Based on your learner profile, you can have access to different certificates!

Please, select below which is your profile and the certificate option that you want to take:





Casual learner

You haven't yet got a comprehensive overview of one of the SHAFE areas and want to test your knowledge at a less difficult level?

Try to get your BASIC certificate!

You can get it in each of the different SHAFE areas by clicking on one of the certificates below. Pick your area and test your knowledge!


Professional learner

You are already familiar with the Hands-on SHAFE learning content and would like to check your knowledge in a more difficult test?

Try to get your PROFESSIONAL certificate!

You can get it in each of the different SHAFE areas by clicking on one of the certificates below. Pick your area and test your knowledge!


SHAFE Facilitator

You are a SHAFE expert and want to face the most difficult questions from all areas at the same time?

Try to get your FACILITATOR certificate!

At this level, there is only one option, as questions from all SHAFE areas await you.


trainer certificate

This process is designed for trainers and other types of facilitators who want to use hands-on SHAFE content in workshop contexts. You will learn below how to download prefabricated certificates of participation and adapt them according to the orientation of your workshop.

Below you can download a template for the certification of your training activity participants. Click below on your preferred language to download the Hands-on SHAFE Certificate of Participation template:


Once you have downloaded the certificate template, you can edit it and add the name of the person who participated, and other fields like your name, the organisation you represent, and location and date. Moreover, you must align the list of completed modules to the ones that have been done in your activity.

The last step is to share the edited certificates with the participants attending your training activity!

Possible expansion

The value of a Hands-on SHAFE Certificate can be expanded for the learners. One of the most common and accepted tools to do that is the Europass. Users can create a free profile with it and record all their skills, qualifications and experiences in one secure, online location. Users can record all their work, education and training experiences, language skills, digital skills, information on projects, volunteering experiences, and achievements. Hence, the Europass Certificate 71 Supplement that can be added to a certificate, like the Hands-on SHAFE Certificate of Participation, is a considerable benefit for the recipient. More details and a link to national templates of Europass can be found here.

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