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International Conference: Learning and Implementing Social Innovation

International Conference: Learning and Implementing Social Innovation


By Javier Ganzarain, AFEdemy, Academy on Age-Friendly Environments in Europe B. V.

On November 8th and 9th, we will talk about Smart Healthy Age-friendly Environments and Social Innovation in Coimbra. This conference is co-organised by the Nursing School of Coimbra, SHINE 2Europe and AFEdemy, and aims to share and discuss approaches, projects and best practices related to Social Innovation and how to implement and develop healthier and inclusive environments.

Carina Dantas, CEO of SHINE 2Europe refers that “This is a true example of Social Innovation: connecting different countries, stakeholders, projects, challenges and potential solutions and have them getting acquainted, discussing and finding new collaborations. Only by broadening the horizons we can find new pathways for our own daily challenges! Hopefully, we will build new roads together at the Conference.”

In addition to the very interesting panels of speakers, during the two days of the conference workshops and face-to-face meetings will allow for different projects to be presented and discussed.

Among them, Hands-on SHAFE will be high on the agenda for the 8th of November. After the morning coffee break, Willeke van Staalduinen, from AFEdemy, will present the project in the plenary session. Now that all the learning modules of the four domains, SMART, HEALTHY, BUILT and BUSINESS, are ready and being published, these results will be introduced.

Then in the afternoon, there is a practical session on Hands-on SHAFE, chaired by Javier Ganzarain and Jonas Bernitt with the participation of all project partners, whereby the audience will be able to get to know the learning experiences directly from all the authors.

We hope you can join us in these days in what we hope will be a fruitful sharing of Hands-on SHAFE experiences.



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