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Multiplier webinar Hands-on SHAFE well visited

Hands-on SHAFE Multiplier Webinar

On January 12th 2022, AFEdemy and Politechnika Warszawska organised the multiplier webinar to present the developed e-learning modules. The room was filled with 50 participants, who liked the development thus far and provided valuable inputs.

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Hands-on SHAFE Poster and Flyer released

Hands-on SHAFE project's flyer and poster released

The Hands-on SHAFE consortium partners have developed in different languages a Poster and Flyer explaining briefly the SHAFE concept and how to become a facilitator that can implement Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE).

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Hands-on SHAFE Multiplier Event in Hanau (Germany)

Pinboard with information material about the Hands-on SHAFE modules

On Wednesday 22 September, the first multiplier event in Germany for the Hands-on SHAFE project took place in Hanau. The event was organised by ISIS Social Research in cooperation with the Senior Citizens' Office of the City of Hanau and was very well received.

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Electrical & electronic engineering interns participate in EU community engagement project

Charlie Pritchard, Svetlana Rudenko Dunne, John McGrory, Damon Berry and Paula Kelly

Electrical & electronic engineering interns participate in EU community engagement project developing training materials to facilitate independent living.

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Engineering student interns from TU Dublin get involved in Hands-on SHAFE

A SHAFE intern meeting in June 2021

For two consecutive years, 3rd year engineering students from TU Dublin have been learning-by-doing about SHAFE, by helping to design and develop draft learning materials for the SMART training units.

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