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Cornelia 67

Cornelia lives alone in a flat in an urban area with no family living nearby. Her sons live abroad.

She is retired and lost her husband 2 years ago. Since the loss of her husband she has been avoiding social contact and even some of the activities she used to participate in.

She has been feeling sad and tired, and she has noticed some unusual memory losses.

Cornelia’s granddaughter used to keep her company, they would go on walks around the neighbourhood, do some shopping at the local market, but now her granddaughter has moved to another town to go to college. This change had a huge impact on Cornelia.

How could you help Cornelia improve her lifestyle?

What is important to Cornelia?

  • To be active and able to support herself independently
  • To spend time with her friends
  • To feel safe at home while dealing with her condition - Dementia

What are the obstacles in her daily life?

  • She feels stressed with the everyday challenges of dementia
  • She worries about having accidents at home
  • She has no family members living nearby

Dementia Awareness

Cornelia is dealing with everyday challenges of dementia. What do you know about this syndrome? Do you know someone living with dementia? Her two sons feel the need to learn more about dementia and how to cope with challenges in communication and changes in behaviour. Go over to the module Dementia to learn more!

Health And Well-being

Cornelia has high blood pressure and has difficulties with adherence to treatment, as well as keeping up with memory exercises. How can she improve this? Would you like to help her? Take a look at the modules Basic Information on Health and Well-being (HEALTHY 01), Lifestyle and Therapy (HEALTHY 02) and Dementia!

Community Support

Cornelia’s family lives in another town, so she misses them and their safety network. She would like to have someone to keep her company and would love to continue giving back to the community. Go over to the modules Basic Information on Health and Well-being (HEALTHY 01), Lifestyle and Therapy (HEALTHY 02) and Mobility Inside (BUILT 06) and see how you could help her or others in need!

Safety And Fall Prevention

She is worried about her safety (e.g. having accidents, fires, falls) since she lives alone with early stage dementia. Would you like to know more about this topic? Go ahead and take the modules Dementia and Mobility Inside (BUILT 06)!

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