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HoS-LTTA 2021.06

GENERAL modules

GENERAL 01: SHAFE and me

Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments focus on people and places. They combine built environments (housing, public spaces and buildings) with smart information and communications technology (ICT) applications, social participation and healthy solutions. They enable more independent living, better participation in society and wellbeing for citizens.

GENERAL 03: Communication and presentation techniques

This module will help you to better understand communication processes. It will show you how important it is to understand the needs and wishes of your target group. And it will help you to find effective ways to deal with conflict situations. This will make it easier for you to communicate your ideas in the best possible way.

SMART Modules

SMART 03: How to communicate by text with a smartphone

There are a number of different ways to communicate by text on a smartphone.This module will focus on a brief introduction to three approaches for sending textual information: SMS messaging, e-mails and social media textingthrough apps such as WhatsApp and similar applications.

HEALTHY modules

HEALTHY 02: Lifestyle and therapy

This 25-hour module gives you some tips about healthy and affordable eating, exercising, safe use of medication and wellness therapies. By the end of this unit, you’ll know more about these topics, and you’ll be one step closer to becoming a facilitator in your community when it comes to the uptake of a healthier lifestyle!

BUILT modules

BUILT 07: Mobility outside

In this module you will learn how to facilitate increased mobility of older adults in outdoor environments. The duration of this module is 4 hours.

BUSINESS modules

BUSINESS 02: Human-Business coherence

In this module, you will learn why the key element of creating a business is coherence.
You will learn to assess how much your motivations, skills and needs are coherent with what a SHAFE business requires.

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